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Kyoto, Japan




Wooden Framework Construction Method (Kyoto type)




Kobayashi-ichi komuten co. ltd.




Kensaku Yamaguchi


91.8 m²


Kai Nakamura

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Casa OGUMO is a remodeled living space in the old house. In the old block of the Nishijin in Kyoto, the story of the pursuit of dreams by two women has begun. The main concept of Casa OGUMO comes from creating a home that can dream, chase dreams, build dreams, and travel like a cloud in the sky, leisurely, free and unrestrained. At home, you can relax in the daze or sit on the edge of the side to make a cup of tea, enjoy the Japanese garden, and feel the old and new mixed style between the old town of Kyomachi and the new small wooden house. Casa OGUMO is a home that can truly live life.


The architectural features of Casa OGUMO belong to the “Kyomachiya” in the traditional Japanese culture. In this type of building, living and working at the same location is one of Kyoto's unique residential types. Because it is narrow in width but long in length, it is also called "the bed of squid." Casa OGUMO is located in the old block of the Nishijin, which is famous for its prosperity in the ancient Kyoto business. Because of the changes of the times, the eastward movement of commercial trade behavior, the region began to lose the prosperity of the past. However, the old blockade of Kyoto Nishijin has left many old movie theaters, public bathhouses, and local shops.


Respecting the original appearance of the original old house, under the discussion and research with the owners, management personnel, local engineering personnel, and Kyoto old Machiya books, first of all, we must preserve and leave the characteristics and unique spatial patterns of Kyoto Kyomachi. The space and objects of cultural significance and the spiritual core of this house are treated as much as possible through repair and cleanliness. For example, traditional wells. Under the combination of the old generation and the new generation, we deal with every detail of Casa OGUMO.

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