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Movable Tea House

Multiple City in China


Bio Profit Collection (HK) Limited


2x4 Wood Frame Construction









6 to 12 elements


​YinPing FANG、

KaiYao Hsueh


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The Pu'er tea of Bio Profit Collection is deeply rooted in the Blang ethnic group of Yunnan ethnic minorities. The Blang ethnic group is a group that lives on tea. Therefore, the basic concept of this tea house comes from the stilt style architecture of the Blang people. With the planning of the unit module system, the design scheme of the four-unit to six-unit modules of the tea expo from Taiwan to China is deployed. In the concept of a single unit to multi-unit combination, a circulation design is corresponding to the flow of people with various channels. Following the spirit of the brand and the concept of environmental protection, the “Blang Tea House-Mobile Tea House” will be implemented in a series of roving exhibitions and uses from the Autumn Tea Expo 2017. It is expected that this environmental protection concept will also drive more exhibition unit to follow up.


The structure is mainly divided into two different unit modules, according to the different functions between the main hall and the side hall. The wooden structure of the main hall is designed in the form of a tree and a lattice beam which makes a metaphor to prop up the home of every household through tea trees. Using the eaves form of stilt style architecture but convert the structural form of it, innovatively used tree structure in the tea house of the main hall to symbolize and convey the important spiritual significance of tea trees in the Blang ethnic group, at the same time, solves the problem that the main hall needs five meters and four without any column, reinterpreting the possibility of Blang House. The side hall is mainly based on the demand for tea-making functions. It is similar to the eaves in the style of stilt style architecture, but the structure design is to create eaves that are extended by the triangular geometric beams. On the other hand, the elevated floor combined with the frame structure, the wall panel with the unit module can be used to flexibly adjust the position of the entrance and exit required in various exhibition configurations, and the structural design method deliberately blending the aesthetics and function of the structure.

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