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Revolve Planned Community

Yilan, Taiwan






Wall-type structure(RC)




3536 m²


The basic conditions and elements of the “Revolve Planned community” are 26 townhouses. Located in Wujie Township, Yilan County, behind and front of the site are pastoral landscapes. The flow of wind and rain, the communication between home and home in the community, and the interaction between people have become the core elements of the“Revolve Planned community”. The word ”回” of Chinese characters is the meaning of returning. The propose of this design is to provide those people who would like to go back to their hometown or work in the countryside a townhouse where they can live and start their business at the same time. With the form of ”回”, we develop the basic unit prototype of each home. According to the plan of four households as a unit, they are mutually connected neighborhoods. Under the structure of “回”, more possibility of interaction between family members and residence is also created. The first floor becomes a semi-open space, and the second floor to the roof floor will be a private privacy space. Each of the first floors will open up a variety of living functions, such as small cafes, cram schools, cultural and creative workshops, small stores, and so on. That will lead to every kind of possibility of individual households and the interaction with their neighbors.

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