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Manhattan Financial Center-Check

New Taipei City, Taiwan






Chang-Ming Construction Co., Ltd.+ WiLL Interior Decoration Co.




165 m² * 21-story


Located in the New Taipei City government office Zin-Ban special zone, Manhattan Financial Center is a commercial building: twenty-two floors overground, six floors underground. It is not a high-rise, but an exquisite building. Therefore, we came up with “Check” as our concept for these 28 floors public lift hall.

 The lift hall throughout 28 floors is not only a nearly 100 meters vertical motivation but also a switching and relaxing space for officers on every floor. While the façade covered by the light blue curtain glass, we design 6 kinds of the check for inside wall with the idea of combining art and fashion. Using the blue of Robin as the main tone, we combined 22 colors to develop 28 different-style patterns.

The difference between 28 patterns triggers users to realize and notice their preference for the environment. With “Emotional Design” as an entry point, we believe that psychological feeling and working efficiency are intertwined with each other. In this case, space is not only a decoration but also involving expression, temperature, quality, and temporality. When the doors of the elevator open on a different floor, it always triggers people to step out of the elevator to snoop the big picture. No matter the preference of everyone, this public lift hall is as elegant as a gallery. Are you willing to slow down your step for it?

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