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The State of Mind


Taipei City, Taiwan


Pauian Archiland




Pauian Archiland




Kai Nakamura


110 m²

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Dwelling House is located in Zhongshan Dist, Taipei City, designed by Akihisa Hirata. He thinks the streets full of canopies are the link to Taipei's living culture. Transforming those canopies into vertical to create a vertical village is the design concept of the Dwelling House. In a rainy city like Taipei, after viewing streets from balconies or overhangs of storefronts, will we forget some scenery when going back into the interior? In order to respond to the concept of the architecture, we came up with a design concept: “Canopies can shelter me from the rain but not from the ripple in my heart”. Trying to make a conversation poetically with nature, architecture, and space. Extending the design concept, we research and develop three products: Iced glass block, Ripple wooden floor by Taiwan Acacia and Cloud fabric. To fulfill the needs of clients, we programmed not only two bedrooms, two living rooms, and two bathrooms, but also two galleries (a light gallery and a dark gallery). The atmosphere, color, and temperature of galleries change along with the position of the sun.

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