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Home Project


New Taipei City, Taiwan


Miss Wang








YinPing Fang


63 m²

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It’s a commission from a mother full of love for her family. After realizing that her time left on Earth was short, she actively wanted to improve the quality of life and improve the function of life. To create a warm home for her daughter was all she was asking for. In this project, we rethink the definition of home, the atmosphere of home, and the value of a home. They need two bedrooms, one living room, one dining room, and one bathroom in this 63m2 area. We not only have to effectively improve the storage space but also have to create more flexibility and coherent living space. After carefully listening to the habits and the preference of the users, we decided to extend the spatiality of the public area by creating a smeared-out boundary between the living room and dining room through the beam which connects to the bathroom. The style of the ceiling in these two rooms are different but still connect perfectly. On the other hand, we designed a movable wall between the daughter’s bedroom and living room to create the flexibility of living space. There are privacy and open communication between family members. The definition of design is not the beauty of the pure lines, but more importantly, it creates a balanced space, and it can be reassured and warmly inhabited between the collection and the release.

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