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The Moments Arch & Art


New Taipei City, Taiwan






YinPing FANG

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How many momentary intersections between people weaving into a beautiful life pattern? How many times of glimpse become a memorable chapter in memory? How many accidents in life have made countless beautiful events? "The Moments Arch & Arts" is to convey the concept - the most accidental accident seems to be inevitable. The moment is eternal, and the moment creates eternal.

Five architects and five artists bring their unique insights into " The Moments Arch & Arts " through architecture and art. They will tell nine completely different stories, telling a story that belongs to them or allows them to resonate with "occasional and instantaneous" through the works. With the story as the keynote, the reaction of the visitors is no longer just the purely sensory communication and the beauty and ugliness of the subjective feelings. They enter the imaginative space through the works as if they experience these nine stories through the eyes of the exhibitors. Music will not only be sound; the architecture will not only be a skeleton; paintings will not only be oil paint.

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