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Vanilla Bean Cabin

Hualian, Taiwan


Japanese wood frame construction with SE method








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The delegator is a person who has lived in the metropolis for a long time. He is eager to go to Hualien as a farmer, plant his favorite vanilla pods, and have a farmhouse in the farmland so that he can live briefly when he is in Hualien. The site is located in Hualien, which has many earthquakes. The main structure of the log cabin is the Japanese-style wood frame construction with the SE method, which corresponds to strong earthquake resistance. The mother describes the imagination of living in this cabin: When she is preparing food, seeing her family coming back home at the same time. That’s why we designed a large window toward the mountain so that you can enjoy the unique landscape in various poses on the tatami at the first floor. When a family of four comes to the cabin, they can open the sliding door between the living room and the tatami room, so that space can be used to accommodate four to five people. The small attic not only can be a storage room but also can be used to accommodate two people. Additionally, we designed a skylight in this attic to look at the stars at night. The kitchen, dining room and living room form an L-shaped space and can be flexibly converted to different spatial types according to demand.

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