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Gem Cafe

Chayi County, Taiwan






YinPing FANG,





2x4 Wood Frame Construction




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Chiayi Farm, which is located in the deep mountains of Chiayi County, there is a platform facing the lake view of Zengwen Reservoir at the highest point of the farm. The owner expects to add a cafe where the climber can rest, and enjoy the beauty of the Zengwen Reservoir. This design proposal is a wood-constructed building that is in harmony with the environment and has the least pollution, it is also connected to the surrounding tree group and pavilions. In a beautiful environment like a precious gem, we design a jewel-like coffee shop. There is an old banyan tree in the center of the platform, and the cafe surrounds it. The slope of the eaves is calculated from the canopy of the old banyan tree. The glass roof hood has a triangular shape, and under the sunlight, the hood will refract like a gem. Under the shade of the trees, you can be sheltered by nature., and you can feel cool under the condition of saving energy. At the same time, the long-lost toilet and pavilion space will be refurbished to make it a complete resting area.

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