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An Elegent Turning-Back


New Taipei City, Taiwan










YinPing Fang


83 m²

In this project, we start from the characteristic of the space. Respecting everything in the world has its own figure. Respecting every biomass exists in the building and letting them display their own special life. People should flow with everything evenly and develop an elegant lifestyle.


Beams and walls are the main elements of a space. How to bring beams and columns new life under the limitation of the original space. We try to break through the traditional restriction of horizontal and vertical, re-linking the relationship between humans and beams and walls to make humans live fluently in the space. Human and space are not separated but concomitant.


To change to any other space, you will pass through an arch fluently and elegantly. The angle you turn is determined by the space. Only a turn, then you can feel a totally different view. The people who live in this space create a new special lifestyle with the environment.


We try to use a lot of different materials in this project. By the characteristic of these materials, we create different appearances for space. Bringing the two-way feeling of dent and bulge through the design technique of virtual and practical. In the space, people are the main part of the activity, and their behavior is the elongation of the immanence of themselves. By an elegant turning, we make the stance of human coexisting with space. The more people live in the space can express their characteristics, the more they can represent their lifestyle and truly return to the core of living.

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