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Tea Guest House


Taoyuan City, Taiwan


Bio Profit Collection (HK) Limited




WiLL Interior Decoration Co.




YinPing FANG



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This is a private Pu’re tea guesthouse. The core concept is the Pu’re tea culture from the ethnic minority Blang ethnic group in Yunnan. With traditional Blang culture “Live on tea”, we create an interior tea garden and two tea houses in this 110m2 area by using the method of “putting the house in the house”. Since the guesthouse is right next to the road, we only designed a 40 cm tall window on the floor toward the road to isolate people and car interference. On the other hand, we designed a natural planting area and a large fixed window between two tea houses. The texture of the inside wall of two tea houses are different from each other, therefore there is something distinct between these similar tea spaces. Also, this kind of different is corresponded to different clientele. In terms of material and color selection, we study the characteristics of Blang prince costumes and the characteristics of the Blang wood architecture in the Blang culture, with new modern lines to assist. Use the texture and color of history and culture to integrate into the design of this case and create a modern sense of the past.

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