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Yellow Submarine Studio


Taipei City, Taiwan






WiLL Interior Decoration Co.




YinPing Fang


60 m²

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We weaved this is a 60m2 dream with an author. Due to the heavy workload, the author couldn’t put effort into his studio. Everywhere can be his space for authoring, even in the staircase. This became his unique skill. Therefore, he asked that every space in his studio should be able for him to write down stories to correspond to his sudden inspiration. On the other hand, this author is also a grandfather who is very fond of his grandchildren, so he has a lot of imagination about how his grandchildren could playing around in this studio. Under his creative description, we started to design an imaginary yellow submarine. At the same time, as a movie lover, the author demanded a screening room for him to enjoy his private theater moment. In this 60m2 area, we fitted into seven functional spaces: Lobby, bathroom, dining area, study room, living room, balcony, and bedroom. As the plaid game in our childhood, we divided the lattices we need in this limited area. Finding out circulations which can concatenate spaces. In this way, those spaces can be used not only as an entirety but also as independent spaces.

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