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In a Peepal Tree Forest


Taipei City, Taiwan






WiLL Interior Decoration Co.




YinPing FANG


83 m²

Located on Fujin Street, the Falco Japanese restaurant is among a peepal tree forest. To hide the restaurant in the peepal tree, we use mirrors as the main material for outward. Besides, using Japanese Cypress at the entrance as the guide to leading guests into the restaurant. The chef of the restaurant is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. His need is to provide at most 11 people as reservation guests. We designed a bar that not only keeps Japanese traditional Nigiri sushi-style but also reduces the distance between chef and guests. In this kind of opening kitchen bar, the chef is so close to the guests that he can understand and feel the preference and needs of the guests immediately. When guests are enjoying their meal, they can feel the warm temperature and smell the fragrance of the table made by 8 cm thick Japanese Cypress. In this restaurant, everyone can taste a wonderful time with an elegant and calm heart.

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