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Home in an Old Apartment

Taipei City, Taiwan






WiLL Interior Decoration Co.




Kai Nakamura


80 m²


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Located in a 1970s Taipei old building, this apartment has a high ceiling and three sides of light through windows. But there are still some problems that have to be dealt with, such as water seepage in walls, leaking water from the ceiling, and two damaged old iron bars were left over from the early days. The appointer is a romantic mother who has romantic sentiments toward old apartment living style. She expected to have a space which allows all family members to gather together for a long period. The basic need of this apartment is three bedrooms, one living room, one dining room, and two bathrooms. Except for rehabilitation works, we focus on the design base on the activities and interactions of humans. When you enter the apartment, you will pass through a path to get into the core of the home, kitchen and dining area, where the whole family can gather together. This is the platform where you can create different kinds of enjoyment of life: making coffee, cooking breakfast, cutting fruit, reading, and so on. We connect the kitchen, dining area, and living room to create a broad feeling in this small apartment. As for the old iron bars, we repaired and repainted them to remain the element of old houses. Therefore they can still be an important view in contemporary living. Let the beautiful life of the old Taipei apartment be experienced and preserved.

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