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Nest Terrace House

Residence + Commercial




CLT wood construction+ SC


YinPing FANG, YaChun TSAI,

YuJan CHOU, ChiaHao WANG


By observing the relationship between birds and trees, it is found that there is a subtle coexistence between them, that is, nest. Building a wooden structure in an urban city is like bringing a natural environment into the city, but creating an organic and natural urban environment and space. Humans are just like birds, under various environmental conditions, people will naturally migrate or move, and build their ideal nests in different spaces. This time, we proposed a concept of a “Nest Balcony” wood-construction residential and commercial mixed-use apartment. This concept is aimed at young entrepreneurs who have home + studio demand. It makes entrepreneurs have a comfortable living environment and can run their own studios under the burden of reducing expenses. In this natural living proposal, the public and private sectors do not interfere with each other and coexist at the same time. The whole space is composed of four wooden component units. Each household can make compartments in the private sector and public domain according to their own needs, and build their own nests under the rules of using natural building materials.


Animals have been in harmony with nature and found a coexistence relationship with each other for thousands of years. In the 21st century, climate change and excessive environmental damage, people and nature need to regain a balance. After analyzing and deconstructing the structure and unit characteristics of trees and nests, a concept of symbiotic living with nature is proposed. At the same time, we advocate reducing the consumption and waste of construction materials, so that occupants can construct their own space allocations in terms of use requirements.

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