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Organic Life Experience Hall

Wuhan, China






​RC structure






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Located in the development zone of Wuhan New Technology Park, the project is the headquarters of Yisheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. We discussed the value and spirit of this company with them, we understand that this company has been developing and promoting organic agriculture for more than 20 years, which is very rare in China. "What we gave to the earth, the earth will give us the same thing back." The CEO said sincerely. The value of organic and the possibility of organic life are not yet common in China, and the promotion of education and experience is a necessary task. In the headquarters, we plan a tea space guesthouse, an organic supermarket, an organic restaurant, an education promotion display room, a third-floor atrium ecological courtyard, office space. In this case, the space requirements are proposed according to the business strategy, and then the design integration work is carried out. In terms of corporate brand and spirit, we carried out space requirements and space design proposals for each floor.

In addition to reviewing and integrating the existing space in the original park, it is also proposed to build a new set of wood-structure tea houses in tandem with the original main building, so that the experience of organic life can be more fully implemented.

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