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Manhattan Financial Center

-Dimension Space


New Taipei City, Taiwan






Chang-Ming Construction Co., Ltd.+ WiLL Interior Decoration Co.




RoHsuan Chen


265 m²

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Located in the New Taipei City government office Zin-Ban special zone, Manhattan Financial Center is surrounded by a pre-planed connecting infrastructure using sky bridges. The design concept of this project is based on a richly variant dimension space in order to fulfill owner’s expectation: a lobby in a commercial building with a sense of infinite expansion and a need for public art display within an 80 ping limited space.


Building structure trunk, infrastructure, space, and public art are often independent of each other, so the question is how we can link up the relationship between them in this project. Under the preconditions of the pre-planed sky bridge connections, finalized building structure trunk and oppressive bi-shoring structure system, the original scope of design is to complete the lobby space with a consideration to install publish art in the future.


As the daily routine can change the daily life, it is very likely to come up with a new way to view things and provides an absolute possibility to blend the preconditions: treat each relationship as a dimension and the preconditions will find their best fit. By finding the trapezoidal units with a slope of 75 degrees in the architectural appearance and the structural system of Manhattan Financial Center, it brings two-way [outer and inner] of spatial continuity into the lobby area. Meanwhile, there is a vanishing point in the intersection between two trapezoidal units and the vanishing point is the core of the design in this concept. Seemingly nonexistent space is hidden in the space of existence and a list of questions emerged: Are those I see really exist? Are those I don’t see really don’t exist? Is the oppressive bi-shoring structure disappeared? Is there any additional space existing in the current space?


After repeating the questions and figuring out the answers with the lobby space, a profound insight brings up the objective views and discoveries from different angles, which is the breakthrough of the limitary of the bias of logical thinking and the restriction of a single viewpoint. In fact, the true nature of space is a single point of view that exists simultaneously in the multi-space. The building structure trunk, infrastructure, space, and public art are four single viewpoints existing at the same time. In that point of view, it is part of the building structure trunk and is also part of the structure. It is the presence of illusory and reality. It has the characteristics of public art. Standing on the street near the base, under the use of the projection, folding and reflecting based on the principle of the trapezoidal units with a slope of 75 degrees, the street, the sidewalk, and the lobby creates an ingenious interaction between them – an interior landscape in a city: Dimension Space.

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